Wellies or Willies?

I’m sure you have all seen that the world is constantly making strides towards making life easier for the disabled. More wheelchair access, more medical advances and more awareness for the disabled: the list goes on.

Yet one thing that has caught my eye over the last week that has certainly made me chuckle is subtitles. I use subtitles on a regular basis during movies and live TV. (On the topic of films if you haven’t seen TED go out to your local store and get it now!)

Subtitles are brilliant, and if you haven’t noticed- hilarious! Occasionally, subtitles on live TV have some amusing mistakes due to their poor voice recognition devices.

A particular favourite of mine must be the news sensation of a reporter describing how little pigs “love to nibble on anything that comes into the shed, like our wellies.” Hilariously wellies was translated as willies. I could only feel sorry for the pigs!

Most areas of life can viewed upon with great humour. This being a prime example.

“I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun.” – Katharine Hepburn

Jamie Williams

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