A Deaf Boy in a Loud Garden

There have been moments in my life where others have been affected by my hearing.

Every year, my family get together for a informal gathering during the summer. During these gatherings all five cousins enjoy each others company: laughing, joking and chatting away.

One gathering, about 10 years ago, we being the adventurous children we were,  entertained ourselves by trying to find some treasure in our grandparents back garden.  After endless hours of searching, no treasure was found. There was only one bush that we hadn’t searched yet. I dived in. After scrambling on my knees, for a few minutes… nothing was found. I crawled out of the bush, looking for my cousins.

There wasn’t a cousin in sight. Just a deaf boy in a garden.

What happened? Where had they gone?

I never knew where they had gone that day until a week ago when I was told the story. I was told that my Grandmother had called for ‘Teatime!’ and the starving four cousins rushed in for dinner. No one had thought that I wouldn’t hear the call.

This is a prime example on how my disability affects everyone around me, myself included. My grandmother thought that the time was right to explain to these children that I do miss out, hearing whats going on around me and they need to take some responsibility. They need to look out for me.

Yet now I am older, I am the one that is responsible in making YOU aware of my deafness, and how this affects the choices I make.

“One’s philosophy is not best described in words; it is in the choices one makes and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility,” -Eleanor Roosevelt

Jamie Williams

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