Counting sheep…

Last night, after counting 583 sheep, and endless hours of trying to get to sleep – I just couldn’t do it. I kept thinking.

This blog has opened my mind on how I look at my lack of hearing, for the first time I have thought about how it effects aspects of my life.

Like sleep.

Being deaf is fantastic for sleep, absolutely fantastic! Not once have I been woken by a sound. Ok maybe once or twice, but not often. Many of you, I am sure, have had the delight of being woken up during the dullest hours of the morning just to let your dog out for a wee? Well, that doesn’t happen to me.

Yet of course, as with anything there are downfalls:

Last summer during a brilliant trip to Canada a fire alarm went off in my hotel. My friend shouted, shouted and shouted at me to wake up. That didn’t work. As the alarm grew louder and louder, he thought of throwing a glass of water at me. So during a fantastic dream, dancing away with the cheerleaders I encountered that previous day, I was (kindly!) interrupted with a glass of water being thrown at my head. I am very grateful, he saved my life.

When I say he saved my life I really mean we ended up, a group of 20 grumpy teenagers, sitting in a cold corridor for 3 hours. The only entertainment was a man repeating ‘We are currently looking into the incident, please keep calm, and we will update you on the situation.’

Of course as with so many fire alarms, there was no fire! After diving back into my  bed, I returned to my dream of dancing with the cheerleaders. In fact, I was starting to gain their attention, I will leave you to guess what happens next!

Jamie Williams

Me Sleeping as a Baby

Me Sleeping as a Baby

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