Would I want to hear everything again?

The answer is no.

However hard I think about how great it would be to hear everything I wouldn’t want to because that would be giving up. My disability gives me the motivation I need to keep going in all areas of my life. It gives me my personality. I wouldn’t be the happy, friendly, chirpy chap that I am without being deaf.

I had lunch with my Grandmother today. During this lunch I tried to explain the concept of a blog. After a couple of goes she was starting to grasp the idea. I then went on to explain how I had come to build ideas for the blog you are now reading. The first idea I discussed with her was what I wanted the blog to explain. I wanted something that was different. Something that you wouldn’t see on your everyday scroll through internet. Something that was unique to me: my deafness.

After explaining to her what blogging was, for the final time and that mine was going to be based on my disability, she was dying to see it. I passed my blog over. Then silence. I waited, looking in her eyes to see her response. Tears. Tears in her eyes.  Her response was tears. I couldn’t describe how I felt then at that moment. Did I feel guilt? No. Did I feel joy? Not quite. But I did feel happy. What I have done with my life is to develop it into something that no one thought it could be. A life that is filled with happiness. Those tears were a symbolic ‘well done’.

Now back to my light hearted self: my dog is now looking at me in an odd, yet entertaining way. She is smiling. I think its time I gave her dinner!

Jamie Williams

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Smile like my dog

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