A Loud World

Imagine your life was limited.

Imagine you couldn’t hear out of one of your ears. Close your eyes and try to imagine it. I dare you. I was brought up in a society that places the disabled in a different basket from everyone else. But the disabled can rule that basket and climb out and go beyond the basket. They can even build a new basket. Do you know what? I’ve grown to love my basket.

The world (or more specifically, a doctor) told me I would never be able to speak. He said I would have to go to a special school, and use special signs to communicate.

But 16 years later, I am flourishing in my basket. I do speak. I do go to a normal school. In fact people say I make them smile. Yes, I do wear a hearing aid. But hey, that’s great! In fact, there is one little thing I love doing, and that’s communicating; using my charm. Now, if you were as happy as me you would have just smiled then, and I hope you did.

Here is a blog to make you smile. This is a blog to explain how my deafness affects me. And what has happened in my past and present.

Jamie Williams

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Smile like me

Smile like me

8 thoughts on “A Loud World

  1. Now that my friend, is truly Washington. Washington DC. Loved it keep up the inspirational work!
    p.s. You make me smile all the time anyway 😀

  2. How proud am I of my best mates son………….. Saw him as a little fella just popped out of his mum, now see him as a great young man growing into a fantastic human being! X

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